In companies that require continual background checks for their employees (new hires, companies opening, annual/periodic checks, etc.), one might consider a potential benefit of hiring a mobile notary to come on-site to perform this service in a day-long session, contract by month, or something of similar comparison.

Recently I was contacted by a company that works in the international and domestic market. They were opening a new location in a state that required all new background checks for their call center employees. In order to assist their employees in this endeavor (fingerprinting was needed as well), the company held three open sessions on-site over a 2-day time frame, coinciding with scheduled shift starts. Just having the ability to assist with this was not only a lot of fun, but the ability to learn more about the company itself (as well as spend time with the employees with whom you could tell all had a fantastic working relationship with one another) made this assignment extremely enjoyable, even at 11:00 pm.

The employer’s ability to provide this service to their employees was a fantastic benefit. It not only saved time and travel to find a notary but provided a cost savings to the employer as well. Due to the bulk number of notarizations in one location, a discounted rate was able to be negotiated for the company. Additionally, we were able to work out a long-term plan for all new hires, wherein I would perform all the notarization’s, and then invoice monthly. This final aspect provided a win-win situation for all: Reliable, efficient and dependable service for the company, and a steady assignment for myself.