If you read the Michigan Notarial Law, pursuant to MCL 55.285 (8) “a notary public may refuse to perform a notarial act”.

Because a notary is commissioned by the state to act as an unbiased individual attesting to the identity of a person signing a document, generally speaking, unless there is something specific about a document or situation, a Michigan Notary should not refuse to notarize a document.

A notary should (but not required to) honor all lawful and reasonable requests to notarize a document if they provide current valid identification. A person’s race, age, gender, religion, nationality, ethnicity, lifestyle or political viewpoint is never a legitimate cause or reason for refusing to perform a notarial act.

A Notary may (and probably should), however, refuse to perform a notarial act when a document is blatantly fraudulent, or the Notary determines that the signer is under duress or not acting of their own volition. A Notary should never submit or agree to perform an improper notarization.

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