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Thank you for your assistance with this closing, you did a great job with a challenging lender involved. I will be happy to work with you again in the future.

Carrie F.

Escrow Processor

Deb is professional, knowledgeable, and reliable. She is our go to closer in Lansing and surrounding areas.

Mary K.

I appreciate how you handled the post-closing situation. Thank you for steping in and helping to get our clients situation resolved.

Chelsie M.

Deb is my number one contract closer in the Lansing area when our team is unable to cover a closing ourself. She has developed a great rapport with not only our title department but our loan officers as well. When I see her files come back into the office there is always a sense of relief as I know they are correct and I do not have to worry about what might be inside.

Debbie F.

Escrow Agent


What Fee Should I Charge; Follow Up

What Fee Should I Charge; Follow Up

A couple weeks ago I posted an article about what fee should a notary charge. This article is a follow-up to that. As a Notary Signing Agent (also called Certified Signing Agents) starts their business, the one main thing they will want to do is sign up with as many...

Home Title Theft

Home Title Theft

I have been completing real estate closings for over 10 years now. In the past few years, especially during refinances when I am going to an individual’s home, I get the question “how easy it is for someone to steal my home?” While I am not certain how “easy” it is to...