A couple weeks ago I posted an article about what fee should a notary charge. This article is a follow-up to that.

As a Notary Signing Agent (also called Certified Signing Agents) starts their business, the one main thing they will want to do is sign up with as many signing services as they are able, as well as reach out to as many title companies as possible. Some common signing services are SnapDocs, NotaryRotary, 123Notary and NotaryCafe (there could defiantly be more). If you take classes through Notary2Pro*, they provide a list of companies to sign up with and if an NSA is certified through the National Notary Association, they will provide the NSA’s information in the database at signingagent.com. Please note, there are many signing agencies out there an individual can sign up with, however, many experienced NSA’s will tell someone to never pay to be part of a directory. What that means is that while an NSA may want to pay extra to be in the preferred listing, every company an NSA signs up with should allow a free listing. If they do not, many times they are a scam company.

Once an NSA signs up with various signing agencies, assignments can be sent via text. As an NSA is trying to determine what type of fees to charge, it is helpful to look at the assignments coming through, even if the area is not in a specific coverage location or the NSA is not available to complete an assignment on the day or time offered. Seeing what fees are being offered for what type of assignments, and what fees are being offered from what agencies will be helpful in determining what fee a notary should charge. It will also show when a fee increases because there was no notary that would accept the fee (which also can mean because the fee was too low).

To determine what type of fee an individual should charge, it is specific to each individual NSA. However, the more an individual educates themself the better chance of success there is. (Post scrip; out of the images of assignment offers listed on the TKS Mobile Notary FaceBook page, there were only two that I was interested in that I bid on and won, and neither was for the amount offered through the initial text)

*I am not certain if they still provide a listing