This is another question I hear often. They are also sometimes referred to as Certified Signing Agents, Remote Closers, Contract Closers, Closing Agent, etc. It is not the same as being a Notary, however, in order to be a Signing Agent you will also need to be a Notary.

In the State of Michigan, you can be commissioned as a Notary, but you cannot be certified as a Signing Agent. The State of Michigan does recognize Signing Agents, but they do not offer classes to become one, nor will they provide a “commission” or a “license”.

Signing Agents are individuals that are hired by title companies or signing agencies to perform real estate closings. These closings can be refinances, purchases, sales, reverse mortgages, HELOC’s, to name the most common. These closings can take place in various locations, from the signer’s home to a title company. Usually it is at a place and time most convenient for the signer.

Sometimes a Signing Agent will also close a “buy/sell” which has both the buyers and sellers present at close. This can also be done at a time and place convenient for the signers, however, it is not uncommon to be conducted at a title company with another notary (who works for the title company) having the signers complete documents as well. This is called a “split closing”; both buyers and sellers at the same location with two title companies presenting documents to be signed.

To become a Signing Agent, you will first need to be a commissioned Notary within your state. You will then need to take classes to get certified. There are three companies that title companies/signing agencies will recognize for certification: National Notary Association (between $70-$259), Notary2Pro ($300) and Loan Signing System (between $197-$528). When doing research on which class to take you will come across many strong and conflicting opinions. While I will not recommend a class or program to take, I will strongly urge you to do your research. The cheapest class is not always the best, and no one can promise what you will make as a Singing Agent. At the time of writing this article, I have personally been completing loan signings for 10+ years. I have seen the market go up and down, and right now in 2022 it is the slowest I have ever seen it. I have made between $800 per month and $15k per month. What you make is a combination of MANY factors, some of which are in your control and others are not.

Second you will be required to obtain at least $25,000 E&O Insurance. Many hiring companies prefer at least $50k-$100K. I personally carry a $1 million policy. For me this is a career, not a second income or “side hustle”. Companies that hire me notice my insurance policy and it emphasizes my commitment and professionalism to my career. There are multiple places to obtain insurance, however, be certain your E&O Insurance covers you as an actual Signing Agent, as not all policies do.

Finally, you will also be required to complete an annual background check by most title companies/signing agencies. The most commonly accepted background check is through the National Notary Association.

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